HippoStore a proffesional e-commercial solution for retail business. It characterizes as very user friendly in any devices, optimized for seo and shopping experiences. It is powered by HippoCRM with many useful features.


HippoCRM is a system, which allow our partners to manage the complex data of customers, sales and employees in a simple and clear way. If your company is still using excel to manage customer data, you will find HippoCRM will save your a lot of times, costs and human mistakes.


HippoBaby is an API service library for processing Artificial Intelligent data of babymarkt. It can be used in both .NET and Python applications. It has many useful features like, showing you what kind of baby products are currently popular in your area, which products in your webshop are no longer available in the markt, etc


HippoChat offers the users to chat with other users about same subjects. Your questions can be reached to many users who know the answers. It can be also integrated to any webshop as Live Chat to improve customers experience for sale support.


HippoAds is a marketing system which helps your business growth by offering users to earn extra income by promoting your products via their home pages. You will have a clear view how the clicks, sales and leads are generated through each participants.


We develop educative mobile games for our partners. Instead sending your employee to the school you can have a game developed filled all specific and needed data to have your employee to play and learn all necessary knowledge in an interesting and easy way.